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Wednesday, June 28th, 2017


Don’t leave home without popping an In Transit Skin Defence Kit by This Works in your bag – we have 15 give away, each worth £25.

We all know how skin suffers when you travel, particularly long plane journeys. And our dear friend and colleague Kathy Phillips knows it more than most owing to her job as Vogue International Beauty Director for Condé Nast Asia, which involves flying to the Far East every two months.

Luckily, Kathy is also founder of natural skincare brand This Works, one of our favourite ranges – as Jo says, ‘it really does have everything you need’. And at this time of year that means perfect products for plane travel. So a wee while ago the brand set about creating an In Transit line, with everything we all need to travel well and arrive looking lovely.

For this summer, This Works has created a fabulous new line-up of kits, see our review on Beauty Bible Loves here, and we’re simply delighted to have 15 This Works In Transit Skin Defence Kits, each worth £25, to give away to Beauty Bible readers.

Like all This Works skincare, the products in each kit are formulated with targeted natural ingredients to work with your skin’s own body clock. It’s called the Skin Defence Kit for good reason: the multi-tasking range is dedicated to defending your skin against environmental aggressors – and we know just how many of those you come up against when travelling even short distances.

Each kit contains the following hero products, all in travel-friendly portable sizes:

In Transit Camera Close-up (20 ml) – the instant pick-me-up that’s a mask, moisturiser and primer all-in-one to leave your skin more even, plumper and brighter so you’re always ready for the click of the shutter (or iPhone these days). As Victoria Beckham tweeted ‘This does work! Amazing!!!’

In Transit Skin Defence (20 ml) – award-winning daily moisturiser with a useful SPF30 for first thing in the morning. With This Works special Bio Boost Superblend of plant oils plus hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to calm sensitive skin and help even out skin tone.

In Transit No Traces (20 pads) – quick, gentle and super-convenient for on- the-go cleansing, with rosewater, sweet almond oil, balancing water mint and Bio Boost Superblend to whisk away all traces of make-up and pollution.

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