Win an AQUIS ‘smart’ hair towel and turban

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


Yes! The special AQUIS technology can help prevent hair damage and get your mop in gorgeous shape for summer. We have five sets of AQUIS towel and turban to give away, each duo worth £60…

Fact: your hair is never so vulnerable and prone to damage as when it’s wet. Keratin, the protein that makes up each strand of hair, absorbs the moisture and swells, stretches then Snap! the fragile fibres rupture.

What’s more, if you towel-dry your mop with an ordinary towel, it rubs the cuticles together, roughing up the surface. That causes more damage and reduces shines and gloss.

To add insult to injury in this hair assault – which many of us put our manes through several times a week – blow- drying wet hair is another key cause of hair damage. It certainly dries the hair quickly but adds to the load on fragile hair.

It’s a problem for everyone but particularly for those with thinning locks who really don’t want to lose any more volume and need to keep their hair as strong as possible. But there is help at hand!

We’re very impressed by AQUIS towel technology. A unique woven fibre called Aquitex wicks away moisture from hair, so your hair dries faster and gets out of injury time more quickly.

AQUIS carried out a 21-day Product Testing Review of 107 testers – which revealed that an amazing average of nine out of ten testers found their hair was easier to style, more manageable, felt less brittle, looked shinier and less frizzy, and felt more silky and lush. Amazingly, the testers found their hair colour was still vibrant after three weeks, with 91% saying it had not faded as much as usual.

You might not have thought of investing in a special hair-drying towel to give your hair some real TLC but AQUIS could save you a stack of Bad Hair Days and lot of time and money wondering how on earth you can improve the look and condition of your hair. (They’re the perfect design and size by the way.)

So wrap up your hair troubles in an AQUIS towel and see the difference within 21 days.

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