Top tips from Lisa Potter-Dixon’s fab book!

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

Lisa Potter Dixon

Fact: Lisa Potter-Dixon is a make-up genius.

Fact: we’ve never laughed so much in a make-up artist’s presence as with Lisa Potter-Dixon, who’s much in demand for photo shoots, catwalk shows – and is the Benefit go-to spokesperson for beauty wisdom.

Fact: her new book – for which we’re delighted to have a prize draw open on the site for five weeks from 19th April 2017 (it’s here) – is packed with brilliant how-to step-by-steps, and the wisdom she’s gleaned during her career (much of it working for the fab Benefit make-up brand). We thought we’d give you a teaser from The Make-up Manual – but there’s so much more! (See below for ordering.)

• As your skin changes through the seasons, you may need to change your foundation shade. I usually have a tinted moisturiser for summer and a liquid foundation for spring, autumn/fall and winter. I’m also obsessed with liquid bronzers; these are amazing for warming up your complexion if your foundation seems a bit pale. If your foundation seems a bit dark once your tan fades, try mixing it with your moisturiser to lighten it.

• BeautyBlender sponges are amazing for applying your base, concealer, cream blusher and powder. I like to dampen them before use as this tends to give an airbrushed finish, whatever you are doing.

• If your base ever looks too heavy, spritz your skin with a hydrating spray to give it a natural finish without removing any make-up.

• I love how cream blusher blends into your complexion seamlessly, and how it adds a sheen to your skin. They work on all skin types apart from oily skin. They also work best with liquid and cream-based foundations.

• Don’t skip lining your lips. Lip liners are amazing for adding definition or helping keep your lipstick in place for longer. Although some people find lining a bit tricky, my advice is to give it a go. My top tip is to make sure that lip liners are sharp and not warm. Try putting your lip liner in the fridge for 10 minutes to make sure it’s not too soft to use.

• If your lipstick runs a lot, stick to a matte product as glosses move more.

• For a nude lip look, prime your lips by patting either a lip primer or concealer lightly over your lips. This will knock back the redness in your lips, meaning you get the true colour of the lip products. (It will also help to fillin any fine lines and keep your lipstick in place.)

• Define your brows before you apply eyeshadow. Your brows balance your face. This will help you to know how much shadow to add.

• Rest your elbow on a table when applying liquid eyeliner. This will give you extra stability.

• Double cleanse your face [at night]. Cleansing once removes make-up and grime. Cleansing twice cleans your face. I love a cream cleanser for this process, as these tend to remove all make-up – including anything waterproof. Apply the cream with clean fingers and remove with a flannel or a face cloth. If you haven’t used one of these before, then give it a go! You’ll literally see the daily grime lift off, along with the cream. A flannel or a face cloth will show you what you’re taking off – and when you’ve double cleansed you should be able to see that there’s nothing left on your skin.

• If I have an awful spot – one of those volcano-like ones – I smear a bit of manuka honey on it. Manuka is packed full of goodness and I find this helps to take the inflammation down.

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