Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep Shower & Body Oil

Relax Deep Shower & Body OilWe soooooo aren’t surprised that this has become the highest-scoring Relaxing Bath Treat we’ve ever trialled, at Beauty Bible. It is one of our all-time bath favourites, not least because a little bit (just a capful) goes such a long, long way – filling not just the bathroom but the whole house with powerfully de-stressing wafts of vetiver, camomile and sandalwood, diffused in its skin-softening coconut oil base. It is, frankly, like knockout drops to us.

As an alternative to using this blissful blend in the bath, Aromatherapy Associates suggest sprinkling a few drops in a bowl of hot water next to the bed, or applying a drop to pulse points – a tip we’ll be trying ourselves. But don’t just take our word for its fabulousness… Tester comments included: ‘Lovely bottle; gorgeous fragrance, lovely silky smooth skin afer using it – I keep opening the bottle during the day just to have a little sniff. Felt so relaxed I drifted off quickly’ • ‘top marks; fragrance so beautiful I would wear it as a perfume, made me feel very calm and pampered; oil mixed into bath water completely; left skin perfectly moisturised’ • ‘have now had to hide the bottle from my husband and teenage son!’ • ‘definitely the best, I felt so relaxed I had a very good night’s sleep’.

  • 55-ml – £37.00