Q. Have been a fan of the Beauty Bible since the first book came out.  I am going to be spending some time in New York and wondered if you knew of any publication that has all the best current information on the best therapists and all things holistic in the Big Apple – something like your wonderful publications.

A. First of all, we are quite jealous.  We love New York and are overdue a visit.  The ‘hot’ therapists and salons change all the time, so we suggest that you might log on to the excellent Salon & Spa Directory on it’s the on-line resource for Allure Magazine, and features totally independent recommendations for massages, yoga, manicures and pedicures and all sorts of treatments, if you click here.  (We’ve personally checked out quite a few of their suggestions and are impressed, so we have confidence in the other listings – which are not paid for, so you get the same ‘Beauty Bible’ independence.)  Have a great time!  Let us know if you find anywhere fab, and we’ll tell our subscribers about it!  (You can always ‘tweet’ to us: @Beauty_Bible, and we’ll retweet.)


Q. I am off travelling the world in April – do you have any tips or products that double up, so that my rucksack doesn’t weigh a ton? I already have the magic Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream lined up…

A.  The cosmetics companies will hate us for saying this, but many cosmetics are interchangeable. Eight Hour Cream is the perfect example: a real beauty multi-tasker that works on lips, dry skin, cracked heels, as a lip gloss – and more.  We often substitute products if we are on the road and have forgotten something. For instance, last night Jo cleansed her face with Liz Earle Naturally Active Brightening Treatment – actually a face mask – which did a perfectly good job of getting her face clean, when used in tandem with a hot flannel. When we were writing our first book, we experimented a lot and even used Dior’s original Svelte cellulite gel for hairstyling! (Worked a treat.)  For more of our suggestions for products that do double and even triple duty, just click here – you’ll find them in our first book, The Beauty Bible, which we have put on this site for you all to read for free!  Basically, all face moisturisers can be used on bodies – though it’s an expensive way to get through them – and a moisturiser can also be used as a cleanser. Moisturiser/body lotions also work as hair conditioner, and a slather of any kind of oil (even olive oil) is great for shaving legs, or for body moisturising. You don’t need an extra eye cream, either: just apply a touch of your regular moisturiser, on the orbital bone. What we would say is: if you’re travelling to hot countries, the one product you can’t skimp on is SPF (minimum 15) for your face and body, if you don’t want to come back looking like a leather suitcase. Otherwise, experiment – and we’ll bet you discover cosmetics (which are almost all some kind of blend of oil and water) are a lot more versatile than we’re told they are…

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