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Victoria Health (VH to its many fans) has without doubt the best range of cutting-edge supplements, natural remedies and beauty must-haves, sourced from all over the world, and a hugely efficient mail order service.

We’ve known this for ages, so we were absolutely delighted that Victoria Health’s excellence has been recognised in the InStyle Online Beauty Awards.  And can we say: if you don’t already know this site, it’s time you made its acquaintance. Whenever we mention Gill Sinclair and Shabir Daya’s health, wellbeing and beauty website to our fellow beauty eds, the response is the same: ‘OMG I LOVE VH!’ No kidding.

Now, the even better news: you’re entitled to a 5% discount on nearly everything that you buy at VH, with free p&p on purchases over £25 (below that VH has to make a £2.50 charge).

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Back this month, by popular demand!  We’re so often asked what supplements we take ourselves – and as it’s a time of new beginnings and general healthy intentions, we thought we’d revisit that list and share with you the VH supplements that keep us firing on all cylinders…  OK, so we rattle slightly – taking them as per manufacturer’s instructions, often with a smoothie.  But we’d rather invest in our wellbeing and walk around with a healthy glow and a spring in our step than spend lots of money on a new jacket or a pair of shoes, to be honest.  (NB  In future, you’ll find all these recommendations permanently in the SHOP section of our site, so you can replenish easily.)

IdealOmega 3

IdealOmega 3, by Ideal Omega.  We believe everyone should take an Omega-3 (even if you eat oily fish every week) because of its extraordinary and proven benefits for body, brain, mood and not least skin, hair and nails (let’s get the beauty bit in there…) Shabir Daya reckons this is currently one of the most impressive products, surpassing the highest standards for purity and excellence.   Take one daily.

  • IdealOmega 3, by Ideal Omega, from £23.70 for 60 capsules – buy here (£22.51 with your discount)




Femergy.  Jo’s crusade to tell the world about the benefits of this herbal combo is pretty unstoppable.  She says:  ‘It’s a flipping miracle-worker. Two days in a row recently I had to leave the house in a rush and – slapped wrists – forgot to take my supplements before I left.  Result: knackered all day.  Today, woke up, remembered to take Femergy – and feel like a little hoppy (not to mention happy) bunny all day long.’  The herbs include Peruvian maca, ginkgo biloba and Brazilian ginseng (not the same as Siberian, but also very powerful…).

  • Femergy by Better You, £10.25 for 60 VegiCaps – buy here (to you they’re £9.37 with that special ‘insider discount’)



Sage Complex.  This cornucopia of oestrogenic herbs works wonders to help combat menopausal symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness, with a combination of wild yam, red clover, chaste berry, Siberian ginseng, kudzu, pomegranate extract and more, in three capsules daily.  The many, many friends we’ve recommended this to are thrilled with it, too.

  • Sage Complex by Food Science of Vermont, £23.95 for 90 capsules (you get 5% off that when visiting VH from this site)




Vitamin D3 High Potency.  This supplement was prescribed to Jo recently by Shabir after two wrist breaks in a year – because osteopenia (early-stage osteoporosis) is linked with a deficiency in vitamin D.  In fact, expert Dr. Michael Dooley tells us there’s a national shortage of vitamin D, because we’ve all become so sun-phobic.  Some exposure is essential for building healthy bones – but because it’s not always possible in this country to see the sun every day, this is an excellent insurance policy.  One capsule a day needs to be taken with a high-fat, low-fibre meal, so Jo takes this at elevenses with a spoonful of organic Greek yoghurt.




Super K with Advanced K2.  Vitamin K is the other must-have Shabir recommended for Jo’s bone strength – less well-known than vitamin D, but according to Shabir, growing evidence points to the importance of vitamin K -which not only prevents bone degeneration but actually stimulates formation.  There’s a body of evidence, we’re told by Shabir, reinforcing the interplay between vitamins D and K in bone and heart health – so for best results these supplements both need to be taken (see vitamin D, above);  one softgel of Super K daily.



Hyaluronic Acid.  We love, love, love HA:  we slap it on our complexions (in nourishing moisturisers) – where it plumps skin – but we also take it as a supplement, for keeping everything plumped-up and smoothly-running, from within.  Wouldn’t be without it.  (And on the rare occasions we’ve run out, we’ve really noticed a difference in how we feel, look and perform.)



Magnesium Oil Joint Spray.  Again, Jo found this very helpful following her wrist injuries – but the spray has also become Sarah’s Desert Island must-have:  in the past it helped her incredibly painful ‘ricked’ neck and shoulder.   It’s actually not an oil (though it feels like one) but the highest concentrated liquid form of pure natural magnesium chloride, dissolved in water.  Magnesium’s necessary for pretty well everything in our body, and sprayed on topically, works to relax muscles.  It’s fantastic as a supplement too for sleeping, and also longer term to help bones, teeth etc.  Plus you may also want to check out Magnesium Oil Original Flakes, £9.95 (£9.45 to you) – for the bath.  Prepare for the best-sleep ever afterwards – which is, of course, when so much body and skin repair happens, and is the best health and wellbeing treat of all…




Sun Chlorella A.  Teeny tiny green pillules of super-nourishing algae (one of the most ancient plant forms) can make skin look plumper, more velvet, with more even skin tone and – extraordinarily – slightly ‘lifted’ in our experience.  That’s apparently down to the gut-soothing effect of chlorella.  In Chinese medicine, there are two pairs of energy lines (meridians) running down your face: if your gut is unhappy, the lines droop.  Calm the gut and the lines contract to normal.

  • Sun Chlorella A, £21.95 for 300 pillules, dose 15-40 daily – buy here (and that’s £20.85 to you, visiting from this site)




Sibergin.  We truly love this product and it’s kept us going through the update of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible! Sibergin is Siberian ginseng and it works to enhance energy, relieve stress, improve concentration (it probably takes dogs for walks but we don’t have one…).  You can take it as well as Femergy if you’re devoted to.  It is A Good Thing!  And one we can’t live without when life gets frenetic (we don’t take it all the time, though VH’s Gill does, and it may explain why she just keeps go-go-going…!)

  • Sibergin by HealthAid, £15.49 for 30 capsules – buy here (you get 77p off the usual price when you visit from this site)



Don’t forget you’re entitled to a 5% discount on nearly everything that you buy at VH, with free p&p on purchases over £25 (below that VH has to make a £2 charge).