Beauty Clinic: At home facial toning devices

Friday, August 11th, 2017


Q. I’m looking for an at home, facial toning device, which will do the same job as a CACI non-surgical face lift. CACI used to have one but it seems to have been discontinued. I want something that will lift, firm and tone facial muscles

A. CACI has indeed discontinued their Microlift device. They recommend the slightly cheaper, handheld NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer Kit by the Carol Cole Company (see below for photo), currently £300 from (you may find it discounted if you search around).

This device is approved by the US FDA, the regulatory body, (as is the NuFACE Mini Device, a more compact version, £150) and has three changeable head options for targeted treatments. It promises to leave you looking younger and feeling refreshed, improve facial contours and reduce wrinkles and to give long lasting results with continued use. The reviews are good and beauty expert Alice Hart-Davis is a fan, which says a lot.

Another option is the Cleo Q Facial Toning Machine, £299,, which transmits pulses via medical grade electrode pads so it’s hands-free. You can also use it on your body. The original technology was developed by scientists at Liverpool University to treat Bell’s Palsy.

These are expensive and, like skincare, they work when used regularly as directed. It’s like exercise – a near daily routine will reap dividends but doing it erratically will achieve little. NuFACE recommend using their device five to six times a week for eight weeks to start retraining muscles. However, it’s notable that reviewers do start seeing some results within a couple of weeks and several commented on how revitalising it felt. NB We haven’t tried either of these devices but would have no hesitation in doing so.

Our friend Tracey McAlpine of, who is now 56, tells us she is impressed with the handheld, FDA-approved NEWA, which uses radio frequency to stimulate fibroblasts to create more collagen. See Tracey’s review here.


Main photo by Joe Gardner on Unsplash