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The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 15.15.06by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley

Our new book – unbelievably the eighth Beauty Bible, which is published in March 2014 – was written in response to huge demand.  Women today are increasingly conscious of ingredients in cosmetics: they want more natural beauty products both for their own health and for the health of the planet.

There are, however, all sorts of natural beauties: some want the full whammy with certified organic products while others are happy with a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients.  And that is fine by us: in fact, at the beginning of the book you will find a questionnaire (‘What Sort of Natural Beauty Are You?’) to help you find the products that will suit you, using our unique ‘daisy rating’.  This assesses products and labels them one to three daisies, depending on their degree of naturalness.

As well as all the new Award Winning products across make-up, skin and hair care – including ‘miracle’ creams and anti-cellulite products as well as luscious mascaras and lippies and many many more – you will find masses of insider info, based on our decades in the beauty business. Plus, for the first time, we have included recipes for making your own cosmetics.  Jo developed the original recipes and, as she says, ‘if you can make a salad dressing, you can whiz up your own beauty products’.  And, of course, you know exactly what goes into them. The book looks gorgeous – that’s down to our fabulous design team and specially commissioned photography and illustrations – and we are very-very-very proud of it. We hope you love it as much as we do.  Find it for £14.95 (normally £19.99) at – buy here


Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 19.02.47The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey

When it comes to anti-ageing, what really works…? Now you really do have the answers. In the fully-updated paperback version of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, we feature award-winning age-defying products trialled by over 4,000 women aged 35 – ranging from drugstore finds through to luxe brands like La Prairie and Crème de la Mer. And what the incredibly high scores for the products in over 40 categories that feature in the book definitively prove is that many of these creams/lotions/potions/make-up must-haves do deliver on their (often extravagant) promises. (Nobody can tell us that anti-ageing products don’t work…) But there’s much, much more. Drawing on insights from hair/ skin/make-up/nutrition/exercises ‘gurus’ in our Little Black Books – together with their own combined experience of 50 years in the beauty business – we deliver definitive wisdom on the strategies that will ensure readers look their very best for as long as they want. With gorgeous full-colour pix and the most divine illustrations from top international illustrator David Downton, The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible is packed with everything you need to know to look and feel fabulous. Essential reading, we’d like to think, for any woman who wants to look great for her age, whatever her age… Victoria Health has copies of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible for just £12.95 (recommended price £15.99) – buy here


yoga-for-lifeYoga for Life by Josephine Fairley

We’ve always maintained that yoga is the ultimate anti-ageing secret and now Jo’s written a book packed with practical, mumbo-jumbo-free advice for anyone who may be new to yoga, or who want a yoga practice that’s right for mid-life (and beyond). Explains Jo: ‘I have a shelf-ful of yoga books, but they are all written from the teacher’s standpoint. Yoga for Life has the information I know that people who want to introduce yoga into their life really want.’ With an introduction by leading international yoga guru Simon Low, the book also features contributions from Kathy Phillips (international Vogue Beauty Director and yoga teacher), and Jo Foley, leading spa travel writer, featuring their recommendations for great yoga holiday destinations around the world. Easy-to-follow step-by-step photographs illustrate a series of the best yoga postures to help you age gracefully. And in this beautiful, full-colour book – (photographed in Jo’s own centre), you’ll also find…

  • The art of eating well for yoga, with recipes for nurturing foods and calming teas.
  • How to quiet the ‘monkey mind’: a simple guide to the art of meditation.
  • Yoga for the best sleep of your life
  • How to create the perfect yoga space at home.
  • Tips for getting back on the mat when you’ve lost your yoga ‘mojo’.
  • Yoga ‘prescriptions’ for health challenges from hot flushes to headaches.

Victoria Health exclusively offers signed copies of Yoga for Life for just £13.99 – buy here



The Green Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Being Naturally Gorgeous by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey (Kyle Cathie)

We are both completely passionate about looking good and looking after the planet – so in The Green Beauty Bible, we share everything we know about naturally gorgeous; how to live, feel and look healthy and beautiful in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way. You’ll find insider tips on outer beauty, inner beauty and spiritual beauty from those in the know. There are interviews with the ‘green goddesses’ who inspire us and who, we hope, will inspire you too. Plus, of course, the book features our signature Tried & Tested consumer surveys (the biggest independent reviews in the world), based on the opinions of over 2,500 testers recruited specifically for this book, covering 44 categories from natural ‘miracle’ creams to mascara, shampoo to deodorant, from nearly 100 brands. Once again, artist David Downton – now truly a global superstar whose work goes for squillions – has provided the illustrations which alone make it worth buying the book. Buy here from Amazon (recommended price £14.99; their price varies but is generally much less)



The 21st Century Beauty Bible by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley (Kyle Cathie)

Though this isn’t our most recent book, like our original volume The Beauty Bible, it contains plenty of timeless advice. We give you everything you need to know so that you can look and feel gorgeous – in no time flat! It’s crammed with all the insider knowledge, shortcuts and tips to looking lovely and feeling fantastic, for women everywhere, at every age. We include all the insider beauty advice we’ve gleaned from the top professionals in hair, make-up, skincare and wellbeing. For the growing number of you who look for more natural and holistic products, there are also simple recipes for effective natural hair and beauty treatments that can be made easily at home. And there’s much, much more… We often hear from readers who’ve been collecting our books since the very first one came out, sixteen years ago – and we are thrilled that you find them so invaluable. Buy here from Amazon (recommended price £19.99; their price varies but is generally much less)


David Downton: illustrator The wonderful line drawings in The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible – almost all our books, in fact – are by David Downton, who has been creating fabulous illustrations for our books since 1996.  (Jo first worked with David in the 80s when he contributed to Honey Magazine, during her editorship). We love his drawings for their sheer timeless elegance so it’s no surprise that his main work has been in covering the couture shows in Paris, as well as working for magazines and newspapers, also beauty companies. He is currently artist-in-residence at Claridges. Do check in with his website for more of what David’s up to – and have a look at his beautiful portfolio of Erin O’Connor, in particular…

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