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Beauty Clinic

Beauty Clinic: Foundation advice for (much) older skin

Q. I am in my eighties and would like your advice on the best foundation to use on slightly wrinkly skin, sallow and...

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Fantastic prize draws

We dip into our Little Black Books (make that Little Pink Books) to bring you fabulous beauty prizes we’d love to win ourselves.

Click here for your chance to win wonderful treatments, 'cult' beauty products and classic must-haves.


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Keep up to date with advice, information and tips on health and wellbeing for body, mind and spirit from Sarah Stacey, Health Journalist of the Year 2012.  


We say: try before you buy…

We’re celebrating. It’s summer. The sun’s shining. And after months of preparation, we’re unveiling the new Beauty Bible Loves Box, created in collaboration with Latest in Beauty and some of the key natural, organic and anti-ageing brands who’ve done so well in our books. (Or whose products we ourselves just can’t imagine life without. And we’re picky, trust us!)

Our mission has always been to stop making expensive beauty mistakes – and 23,000 of you have been involved in our trials, to help other women identify the products which do deliver on their promises. Now you can try some of the favourites for yourself… And we’re pretty sure you’ll have plenty to celebrate, too.

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Dr. Dulcamara’s Pots & Potions

We love a bit of vintage-inspired packaging, us - and here's an interesting little brand which has been making...

Sylvie Chantecialle

Sylvie Chantecaille Beauty Secrets

In 1997, Sylvie Chantecaille launched her family cosmetics business – called simply ‘Chantecaille’ - with her...

Clarins Crackers Open

Clarins Christmas Crackers

These always bring joy to the women at a Christmas table (just choose something in the same colour spectrum for the...

Cosmetics through the ages

Bizarre beauty secrets from the past

A dinky little book just landed on our desks which is packed full of ingenuity, imagination and interest. We take so...

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Ogario London Christmas sets

There can be no nicer Christmas gift than shiny, swingy, healthy hair. Now, the Ogario haircare products don't come...

Chanel Rouge Alllure Gloss

Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss

Unless you pay absolutely no heed whatsoever to make-up fashions, you’ll have noticed that this is The Season of the...


Post-cancer hair loss dilemma

Tracey Alston, 51, was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer on 9 May 2011. She had ‘the works – mastectomy, six...

Ted Baker Make Up Kit

Ted Baker London ‘The Girl with...

Here's a fabulous opportunity to tick off lots of ladies on your Christmas list - and save some cash! Ted Baker's...

Pensive Young Woman on Dark Background

Beauty Clinic: I’m looking for natural...

Q. I try to use reasonably natural products as much as I can – even more so now as I am trying to conceive my first...

Sally Hughes Pretty Honest

Sali Hughes gets pretty honest

We are big, big fans of Sali Hughes's column in The Guardian - and we're big, big fans of this book. Sali comes from...

Face Lace

Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen

Never. In. A. Million. Gazillion. Years. Would. We. Go. Near. Anything. Like. This. Except.. rules are there to be...

M&S Downton range

M&S Downton Abbey Collection

Don't care what the critics say: we're still delighted to have Downton back in our Sunday evenings. It's as much a part...

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